Glitch Promoting inside of Glitch

Introduction of Promoting

1 I’ve thought of this idea a while back, and just wanted to make this idea public.
To keep gets active and more entertaining, also to get more popularity.
It is just like forums inside of glitch.

2 I created plans for how it might look. I know, I know. It’s edited by inspecting, but it is only the plans so it’s nothing really that special.

But what will this do for the community?

3 This right here will encourage people to not be afraid to show their work.
To learn how to get out there. all from glitch publishing.

this would be something that many people would enjoy. but, this is all just a request. Hopefully, it will be added someday.

This would be quite beneficial. I saw something similar on Replit called “Apps”

mhm, they could ask for permission though.