@glitch-support where are u when i need u

My site steelproxys.glitch.me is down for some mysterious reason. Please glitch support help me.

Help the message i get when I go to my site is: “Project steelproxys suspended: Violating Terms of Service. SKM”

My site does not break any terms of service. its a simple node application that unblocks sites. Everyone at my school uses it and its annoying for it to go down for violating something i did not do.

also glitch please tell us clearlt what we violated in the error message on our site. What the heck even is SKM

I contacted glitch and i have heard nothing back

email support@glitch.com for terminations of a website!

Hope this helps in getting ur project unlocked! Good luck!

Hey @lilnelly-oss,

Don’t worry, this is totally something that @glitch_support can fix for you, just email them at support@glitch.com and they will unsuspend the project for you.

due to the volume of messages support recieves, we have disabled DM’s to support staff.

thought this might help

And please refrain from mentioning staff members (and some users) individually unless it really is an emergency, but instead you should just mention @glitch_support.

glitch staff do not return until tommorow i hear

Like @khalby786 said, you can just give support@glitch.com an email :slight_smile:

But I got a reply to an email yesterday.


I think that they are back from the holiday now.

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Hi @lilnelly-oss,

I am sorry that we did not get to your support request yet. I see it in the queue and you will get a response today.

Due to the holiday weekend, we have a few more support requests to get through than usual. Regardless, everyone is getting a response within 24 hours.


I got the same things on my projects doing the same thing.