Glitch Unofficial Discord Server

I have Decided to Make a Glitch Discord Community and There isn’t any Official Discord Glitch Community as i know.
If you want to join my Unofficial Glitch Community.
Please use the Link -

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There already Is a unofial glitch server at

Also this post has nothing to do with discord help btw

That doesn’t Seems Official

Neither is yours official. That unofficial server was made by community users and we prefer that.


I wish Glitch would create their own official Discord server where staff was active :stuck_out_tongue: That’d be nice…


I know that the ceo is in one of the servers but only spoke once or twice

do you have a new invite link? I want to join

Here… The Unofficial one:

Server isn’t mine. Pls don’t Flag lol.

Plus, There’s Regular Glitch User & Glitch Team in That server.