I think you all should consider joining the discord server for glitch

There are atleast 30 members here. And also discord helps in realtime notification for the help

I’ll join! What is the link?


The problem is that the discord server is poorly moderated. Anyone can use @everyone which sends a notifacation to everyone in the server and someone can spam it

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What makes it “the” discord server for Glitch? Who set it up?

If it was official it would have a link from the glitch.com home page.


This is another server about glitch made by the devs of a bot in 1.5k servers and with help channels, a channel that shows glitch outages and a very welcoming and helping community https://discord.gg/6CWnE6W


Link is expired can we get another one thank you

It shouldn’t be. I just checked it and its working. Its the only one I have https://discordapp.com/invite/6CWnE6W

Yep, the link @KarateBoi posted is working for me.

Glitch don’t have a Discord Server
Nothing here is shown as discord server
and their main contact way is by email, creating a discord server will make things worse, as a lot of people use Glitch


No, they don’t have an official but there are glitch communities around discord made by people using and loving glitch.

I know and most of them are used by certain people, but I said that if there is an official one, it won’t work, as there a lot of people use glitch, so they won’t follow up to help, and support community here is good as you can request help by email.

Please note that this server is not at all operated by Glitch. It is an unofficial Discord server and Glitch is not associated with it at all.