Glitch website too much time starting

The glitch panel is taking too much time to respond! I have tried everything: Reload, Clear cache & reload, everything.

The Glitch panel is not a project. The real panel is at Glitch.

What do you mean by panel?

I guess the first question is did it ever start? And do you think there could have been an error in the code that prevented it from getting any further? You’ll want to check the log.

Do other projects start? Is there a chance you could try with a completely different browser? I don’t mean you should use another browser all the time but in order to see whether it affects the outcome.

Did you currently update your chrome browser?
as @tleylan said, you may want to try to use a different browser, or update chrome.

(clearing cache is not usually a good idea sometimes. Try to avoid it.)

(clearing cache is not usually a good idea sometimes. Try to avoid it.)

When people post things such as this as advice I generally ask 2 or 3 things. Why? And since you mentioned “sometimes” when?

Clearing the browser cache is generally considered “a very good idea” and while there are lots of articles mentioning it here is one from AVG Why Cleaning Your Browser Makes It Safer | AVG


By a panel, I mean in reality the dashboard of your Glitch account.

It’s now working, thanks! After a day it started working as It was supposed to work.

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So, resuming, you should: Wait a while

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