Sometimes glitch webpages take a long time to load even once project is active


I love using glitch to host demo websites, experiment around, and do some website testing.

I’ve noticed that sometimes glitch periodically becomes really slow to load any webpages. I’m not talking about the load screen where inactive projects take time to spin up. Even once a project is active, clicking links that go to other webpages on the same subdomain take a long time to load. Usually this resolves in an hour or two, and the speed goes back to normal.

I understand that there is a rate limit of 4000 requests per hour, but I don’t think I’m hitting anywhere near that amount of requests as I’m sure I’m the only one visiting the webpages - unless maybe a bot is at play here, but the only ‘bots’ that I know of that are visiting my webpages are my test scripts, and they only visit a few times a day max - not 4000/hour.

Is there another explanation? or is it likely I am actually reaching the limit of 4000/hour?


Take a look at the code of your test scripts and check that it just visits a few times a day.
If this happens often, it may be your internet connection.
If it doesn’t happen too often, it could just be glitch server problems.

It’s also a possibility you have exceeded the limits, they can be viewed on the glitch pricing page.

Hope this helps.

Glitch it self is running slow.

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Please check Glitch Status, If everything is OK, so the problem may be from

  • Your browser, try changing it
  • Your internet connection, check that you have an internet and it’s preferred to restart the router

Other than that, wait to Glitch Support to come.

It is fine, but it has been happening for a couple of days. And you can see there was a lag spike near 12:00 PST yesterday.

It won’t effect what yesterday happened

Thanks for responding!

It doesn’t happen often. The internet connection is a possible explanation, though I’m usually able to visit other sites okay.

My test scripts definitely don’t visit that many times a day.

I’ve been looking at the glitch pricing, and it’s very affordable. When I saw that their rate limit was 4000/hour for free users, I was like… wait that’s a lot. Am I actually using that much and getting rate-limited? I’d be willing to pay if so, but first I’d like to confirm that the slowness isn’t a systemic problem

It’s not Rate Limit from what I see, and as I said, try changing the browser, if it works on other browser
Try clearing cookies from the browser where it takes a lot of time to load

Personally, I doubt you’d be using the limit.
Maybe try restarting your router and/or clearing cookies.

Thanks for the link! That’ll be a handy tool to refer to if the slowness happens again.

Thanks @everyone for the suggestions.

Right now, my webpages are back to normal. When it happens, it lasts about an hour or so and goes back to normal.

If it happens next time, I’ll try your suggestions by switching browsers, checking internet connection, and checking glitch status.

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