Glitch wont let me login to my account anymore?


Hello I tried to access the site today, When I tried to login by the email and I was given a new code yet It logged me in and made a new account, My old account is @WolfieTheDino on the glitch website.



Hey @WolfieTheDino, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll take a look at those accounts and see if something seems amiss. Did you say you’re previously logged into your existing account using that email?



Hey @cori,

Yes I previously logged in to do some diagnosing with connection problems with my server,
I received a temporary login code when I joined but It wasn’t perm, now when i get the temporary code it doesn’t let me into that account.



@cori ^ just a reply to see if you read this.



Hey @WolfieTheDino thanks for the update. I seems like you’ve had accounts created for the same email address but with different cases. I’m discussing this with the rest of the team to see how we can make this easier, but for the time being if you sign in using instead of you should be logged into your oldest account from earlier this month.

If you have projects you need access to on the other, newly-created account, please let me know and I can make sure you can get to them.

Sorry for the inconvenience!