Google Login Problem - Error while logging in

Hey there, for some reason my glitch is not letting me login, any time I login it sends me to this page. I really need to login as I need my bot files which are pretty urgent.

Hmm. Others have dealt with this is the past, all you can do is wait. Watch for now, until they post about it.
Keep trying on a regular interval.

So there is no way I can get access to my project?

Try email login, see if that works.

I don’t get any emails and if I try to reset my password it says internal server error.

Hi @bug

I’m sorry that you are getting an internal server error when trying to login via Google. Typically, this happens if your browser is caching credentials for a Google account that is different from the one that you normally use to login.

You can fix this by clearing your browser cache.

If that does not help, please send us a support request!


How could I clear my browser cache and this did not happen before or anywhere.

Do a hard reset with ALT F5 in the browser.
Should reset the cache!

Is that going to reset every password save on my browser?

Nope. Open glitch, and do ALT + F5. SHould hard reset the Glitch cache on your device.

I did it and it did absolutely nothing

Then its a different problem. Look, this isn’t my field, so ill leave this to @tasha

@tasha Can you please help me I really need those files urgently I make popular bots over in 50+ servers and people are complaining on why it’s not on. Is there any way a mod or admin can send me my files at least?

Can you try CRTL + F5?

That refreshed the page but still same error

In that case your best bet is just to email I understand that may not be what you want to hear, but they should respond today as Glitch is open right now.

How long would they take to respond?

Not too long.

They should really have a discord server :confused:

Not official, but: