Grab users' IP address on Glitch with Cloudflare

Hey gamers, I’m trying to do something similar to

I’m using node.js/express.js. When using req.ip or req.ips, it gives me the reverse proxy Glitch IP since I’m using a custom domain. I’m trying to get the IP of who ever visited my site.

I know /cdn-cgi/trace exists, but I honestly don’t want to fiddle about with that!

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That returns the reverse proxy IP address.

Are you using a custom domain?

Yes, forgot to mention that! If I don’t use a custom domain, it works perfectly fine.

I’d really like to know this too. :slight_smile:

Title says you are using cloudflare - If so, Cloudflare have their own methods for this. Not sure if there is one for nodejs but there is for apache

Here’s a method with express. It’s using a package for cloudflare and express. Install via npm. Using that code an package it adds a new paramater to the request accessible via:


Here’s the code:
Found via:
Google is a really good tool people. Multiple answers on restoring cloudflare visitor ips using a variety of network architecture and languages

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This also returns the reverse proxy IPV6 on a custom domain, however it works on the normal

Ah. Looks like or glitch must be messing with the IPs and not Cloudflare. Might be one for You could contact but I doubt they’d care

They all seem to need sudo. Maybe a feature idea?

This might be a fix in php:


It works!!!

I got a 404. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yep. Just got the same error just now

Try now, it should work.

CloudFlare also has a setting where it will return the clients true IP in a header, but that’s a paid setting.

Still, a 404. And how did you get all of those dev details?

Updated the link, try now lol

What do you mean by dev details?