A Fix to Custom Domains with Glitch

Hello Glitch!

Recently I was working on an app that uses IPs as a part of it. (Just in case I ever need to ban trolls or to warn people of strange logins.) My app works 100% fine on the glitch.me domain (and I am really happy!) but on a custom I can’t seem to get it working. I realised it was because cloudflare uses a reverse proxy to make custom domains possible. On the glitch.me project I got my IP address, but on my website a got a cloudflare IP (even when I have cloudflare proxying turned off!). Is there a way to fix this without changing my DNS provider?

Umm… do you mean Glitch? Cloudflare doesn’t…

Glitch custom domains are handled via fly.io so if the IP address traces back Cloudflare I’d wager that fly.io uses Cloudflare as part of their reverse proxy service…

Either way this doesn’t sound related to your DNS provider as DNS is solely responsible for the initial routing.

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