Hello Glitch! Could you remove a domain from my project?

Hello, here is some information:

My profile: https://glitch.com/@CapOliveira
Project: olha-ga
Domain: www.olha.ga

If there is not enough information, what else can I say to prove that I am the project owner?

No, @CapOliveiraBr, that is enough information :blush:! But, you might have to wait for @Glitch_Response to come and remove your domain!

Right, I’ll be on hold :slight_smile:

@khalby786 It’s taking too long xd

Well, they are in a totally different timezone from ours!

Ah, did they send this post to spam? :sleepy:

Hi @CapOliveiraBr,

Thanks for your patience! This domain has now been removed from your project.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Oh, thanks, thanks for answering. :smiley: