Help pls im getting this error

failed to start application on

This is most likely because your project has a code error.
Check your project logs, fix the error and try again.

Hi and welcome @rohan!

The error looks as though your back end code couldn’t reach MongoDB. It expected to find it on port 27017 but there was nothing running on that port.

In the project readme it says:

Install MongoDB: 'Sudo apt-get install mongodb'
Start MongoDB: 'Sudo service mongodb start'

Now, you can’t run these steps as-is because Glitch doesn’t allow sudo.

If you go into the Glitch terminal and run mongo you will get an error similar to the one you posted.

So we need to find a way to start MongoDB.

Fortunately, @javaarchive made a post about this before:

Please try out his terminal tips and then see if the situation improves :slight_smile:

Good luck