Problems with mongodb

i have const mongodb = require('mongodb'); on my project. Is that supported by Glitch because that doesnt seem to work?

Are you using localhost in your URI because that may be the issue. And can you send logs so I can be sure?

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I see the issue here. The problem is the port I am sure. Glitch doesn’t use that port.

That port has worked on my other bots so

try running enable-pnpm then refresh in the console.

it didnt work :frowning:

Can I have the URI you are using (DM it to me.)

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Try connecting to this mongodb+srv:// IDC about this, it is my testing one.

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Okay! I’ll try that now (Didnt work either)

This probably means it isn’t your code. And the URI you sent me worked. Your project’s IP is probably banned. So just remix move the tokens over, and you will be fine.

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I did something and it works now!