Here's our first step to opening up the new Glitch

Welcome to a fresh, new thread for testing out the fresh, new Glitch preview! Here are some of the most recent updates:

A light, fun refresh of the homepage. We wanted it to match the existing homepage components that keep us all up to date with the app of the week and more - so if you’re a sicko like me, feel free to make the main Glitch you go to going forward, you won’t miss a thing!

The discover page. Go to Glitch if you prefer the full page display over using the “New project” dropdown, and… also let us know what you’d like to see on this page – we’re intentionally keeping it minimal so we can fill it with your hopes and dreams.

And here’s a big one :drum::drum::drum:

:new: Add external sites to your Glitch profile!

Freshly announced at Fastly’s special event, we’re building an engine for sharing and discovery of the open web and the first piece is enabling the community to share your sites no matter where they are built or hosted.

  • This feature is currently in preview beta for Glitch Pro users. We’re intentionally rolling this out to a smaller group so we can keep the community safe as the feature scales. To try it out, head to, log in, and add a site from the “New project” dropdown or /discover page.
  • Everyone can check out the help doc to learn more about the feature and let us know what they think and what they’d like to see with this feature!
  • If subscribing to Glitch Pro is not in the cards for you but you’d like to be next in line to try out this and other pre-release features, ask to join our Community Testers group in this thread.

Let us know your feedback - bugs, too - on all of the above updates, as well as ideas on what you’d like to see for the future of Glitch. We can’t wait to see what you share!


I have Glitch Pro, but I don’t see that option…

It seems like the preview website doesn’t think I have Glitch Pro

This is on the normal website - the little star shows next to my avatar

^^ this doesn’t happen on the preview website, and I still have the “upgrade” option.
i’m gonna ping @glitch_support just in case

just a bug report of the preview page - it seems like the first project in the dashboard is mislabeled as boosted (obviously I only have 5 boosted projects, and the top one is not)
well never mind, I was seeing the other way round :rofl: maybe the “problem” is that the checkbox on/off is not so obvious at a glance? But perhaps it will change if the unlimited (boosted) ones are not grayed out.

Hi @_tr -That “upgrade to pro” is going to show for everyone, we don’t have it changing based on your status - but the rest of the feature not showing that you pointed out should be showing. Can you try logging into the preview site in an incognito window with no extensions - maybe something is blocking the script that turns it on for you.

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Oh yes, I definitely see what you mean - we’ll look into making this less confusing, like bringing back similar toggles to what’s on the current table to make the status more clear.


Still nothing on incognito. I am running Firefox with all extensions disabled.

And you were logged in in incognito, right?

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(some text for discourse to allow me to send this)

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On Firefox, does work for me!

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Hello? Any update on this? I am still unable to do it :confused: @glitch_support

File a Glitch Request ticket at and we’ll have someone look more into this when we’re back in the office tomorrow. We haven’t been able to replicate the issue, so it may be your device, so include any info about what devices/OS/browsers you were using in the ticket.

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Done. Ticket: #780852

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The search and replace function should be one menu similar to playcanvas’s. It’d make my life SOOOO much easier if they were.
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