How can i get the sidebar to show?

**EDIT:**I found out the issue was apparently my adblocker was blocking it…wow!

I’m hitting CTRL+i but the sidebar doesn’t show up…very frustrating to have to search for all my files to keep swapping between them.

I’m using the latest version of chrome.


Ah interesting! can you let us know the name of your ad blocker and we’ll look into why. Thanks!

Sure, it’s called AdGuard:

Using it and I don’t face any problems with Glitch

Would you mind taking a screenshot of the browser’s console ( CTRL + shift + i or F12 ) with the adblocker enabled?



There is no rightclick.js file in Glitch’s sources, neither the adblocker’s.
Are you using any other extensions ?

If you don’t know about the rightclick.js, just hover on its name in the left of console until the URL appears under it then take a screenshot again, might be helpful to know the source of that file.

Yes, quite a few actually :frowning:

It’s the ‘Allow Right-Click’ extension that’s producing that error in the console, but the sidebar still shows for me with it enabled so it doesn’t seem to be the cause either.

I’ve installed all the enabled extensions you got, but the sidebar still collapses,

If you’re sure the issue comes from the adblocker, then maybe remove it and reinstall from their site again, as it might be outdated.

Edit: what’s your browser’s version?