Sidebar unusable - dark color background with dark fonts?

Just logging in after Glitch editor update and my sidebar looks like this. It’s pretty much unusable. How do I either get the purple background to change on this sidebar, or the font colors to be light against this dark background?

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 5.11.24 PM

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Hi there - this may be a browser cache issue since we just changed that sidebar a few hours ago. If you clear your cache does the text change for you?


I came to this post because I am experiencing the same issue, and it seems that clearing my cache did not fix this issue. This is also happening on my other computer as well.

try toggling the dark theme on and off in settings, it fixed it for me


This works, thanks!

This fix worked for me too. I’ll just offer a few more details.

First, the Settings you want to change are for the project (so, not user profile settings, not browser settings, not operating system settings).

With this display caching bug, it’s hard to even see the Settings menu. It’s the second item from the top (indicated in this screenshot with the big red arrow):
Towards the bottom of the Settings pop-up menu, there’s a checkbox to “Toggle light/dark theme”

Checking that box fixed the colors for me.