How do I add a file from Github without overwriting the project?

So I’m trying to add a folder from Github, but when I try it removes everything else in my project, literally removing all of my progress since Rewind doesn’t reverse it.
How do I add files from Github without that happening?

The project is shy-confused-exoplanet

Did ya use git clone reponame in the Terminal for this project?

:o I’ve never tried that

Using the “Import from GitHub” option will overwrite all files. I guessed they should have told ya that. :sweat_smile:

You can’t do anything right now. I suggest not touching the editor one bit, because it would disable Glitch to backup your Project.

It says it worked, but I don’t see the actual files in the editor

Ah. Email for further help.

To update files with github, you can use git pull for a seamless non-overwrite. There is no need to contact Glitch support.

Run refresh after using the console.

What does this do?

git pull pulls the contents of a repo and downloads the content into the current folder.

:sweat_smile: I meant refresh in console

Running refresh will wake the container up with the things ya did in the Terminal

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i see, like window.location = winfow.location

I just wget the file from github raw, since I never bothered to figure out git entirely.