How do I like make a discord web dashboard for my discord bot

Like I would like to make a discord web dashboard where you can customize the bot etc:

    BAN MESSAGE: ___________________ 
    ADD ADMIN: _________________________
    PREFIX: (Default is /): ______________________

And also, it shows the commands of my bot, and the discord invite link for support server, with a bot OAUTH2 Link to invite my bot
Any idea how to do this?

I’d recommend that you set your bot up with a MySQL or MongoDB database.
This is a good start point for a bot dashboard, it’s very easy to modify.

enmap npmjs is much easier to use for beginners.
enmap documentation

const enmap = require("enmap");
const points = new enmap({name: "points"});
const points2 = new enmap({name: "points2"});

var key = + "-" +;

if (!points.get(key)) {
   points.set(key, 0)

points.math(key, "add", 5);

//key.split["-"][0] + " has " + points.get(key) + " points!";

So uh- i dont really get how I do that

Like uh- how would I connect that to my discord bot?

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