How do i upgrade to npm7?

Discord.js v13 requires npmv7 to function but glitch is on v6.14.13. How do i upgrade to v7?

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Hi and welcome to the forum @The_Nance :slight_smile:

I’m just looking at this page and I can’t see anything about the npm version, it looks more to do with the node version:

To specify node 14, add an engines section to your packages.json like so:

  "license" : "ISC",
  "engines": {
    "node": "14.x"
  "dependencies" : ...

I think the node 14 version installed on Glitch is 14.17.3 which is newer than 14.6.

I misread the article above; it requires node 16.6 not 14.6 as I previously thought.

@tleylan has raised this issue in another thread:

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