How to create a database phpmyadmin table

can someone help me with creating phpmyadmin table.

yeah what do you need in it?

Thanks for the response buddy.
I am trying to make a simple login form, so for that i will need a database table as in the phpmyadmin. I need to know that if we can connect this information of username and password directly to my phpmyadmin or is there something different method to create a table in glitch.
if there’s some json extension or any code please help me with that.

do you have phpmyadmin and/or mysql set up on glitch?

No, how should i proceed with that?

from a search:

would any of these help?

No bro I’ve already checked on these, they came of no use to me.

how so? are they broken? I haven’t tried those recently

Not broken but the link given for the example isn’t working

the lamp-poc one seems to be working for me. maybe you’re seeing an intermittent error?

Just as a note I wouldn’t recommend using any of these, the version of PHP Glitch is running is quite old and has had any security fixes for a while.

So what’s the solution for storing databases?? Please help me with this. If you could help me with what all extensions and codes are required?

is the rest of your project done in PHP?

No, for the frontend part I am using usual html css and js and for the backend it is php. can you suggest some other place to host php?

I haven’t been following php hosting. maybe someone else here knows?

Overall I wouldn’t recommend using Glitch for PHP due to how outdated PHP on Glitch is.

To be exact, it’s about 4 years of of date:

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