How to create import URL for github repo with a path?

I can create a glitch URL to import from github like this!/import/github/user/repo

But how can I choose a specific subfolder inside the repo to import instead of the whole repo?

Hi @Gafi! Unfortunately the way we do Github imports right now doesn’t make that possible but the team is aware that this is an asked for feature (I want to update to support it hehe).

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Thanks for a quick reply. Please let me know if there’s a feature request I can upvote to get it prioritized.

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maybe you could make a separate repository with just the directory. then you could use a normal import URL for that new repository

Thanks for the suggestion, I’m afraid this is not always feasible especially if I don’t own the github repo

I think you can make a new repo without having to own the other repo. You need some rights to make copies of the code, but of it’s open source, then those rights are granted.

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