How to install with install-pkg or apt-get

Can you install packages with install-pkg or apt. I tried and I got an error saying install-pkg not found. I think install-pkg is not installed is there a way to install it or can I use apt-get. Also im trying to install firefox and chromedriver

You cannot use sudo commands on glitch. However, there are often workarounds to installing certain packages.

Maybe check if they are available on npm because npm is preinstalled

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And if they’re not available on npm, and the source is available, Glitch containers will let you build the package from source and then you can use it that way. Unfortunately this is only possible with smaller packages as the default 200MB of space is pretty small for building packages.

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Apt get, there is a handy tutorial

Tutorial: How to install any package from apt-get on Glitch

It doesn’t require sudo and funnily enough, uses npm

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