Allow installing using sudo apt-get?

I think there should be the option to add sudo-apt get stuff, i keep getting errors whenever I sudo apt-get a package.

Can’t you use pip or NPM?

I can’t use pip or npm to install lots of packages

ex. node 11

I would like this, you have my vote.

Isn’t this command debian based?

Yes, but you need it on ubuntu.

Yeah that’s not gonna happen but it would be pretty cool

Why not? Do you work at Glitch?


No I don’t, but I have a positive surely thinking that it won’t be added.

I believe it could be possible of each app had their own package folders.

Hmm… Wouldn’t that be hard to implement?

Cant see why not, if you mess around with apts configuration.

Until then, you can use notroot.


This might be possible per-app using admin chroots, basically when apt is running every time it accesses the filesystem for a path, it will have something like “/app/packages” inserted at the start.

Ah that could do its thing.

sudo will most likely never be added to the Glitch containers, considering it might open up security breaches from the containers to its host (we never know). sudo will also give people permissions to create daemons, users, groups, services, etc. For all we know giving people root access might also give people the possibility to avoid certain limitations.

I agree that it would be cool to have root access, but reality is that it’s just unsafe. I therefore recommend against giving people root access.

apt/apt-get doesn’t necessarily require root, its just the place where apt-get places binaries needs root.

In theory, if the lock folder was moved into the app folder, it could work.


Or perhaps to the tmp or a dedicated directory like with node_modules