How to use the domain E-Mail Address

Hi Everyone

So I have a website called, And I want to have an email address with it
Like (

So, anyone knows how can I make that?
I saw it on freenom

But I didn’t understand it, anyone can explain it to me with pictures?
Or give another way.

Hello @HeemPlayz,

To accomplish this you will need a mail server! You can find many free options online, and many paid options!

Do you currently have a mail server you can use? If so, can you reply to this message with a link and I will try to help you from there onwards! If you do not have a mail server, you can get one from this website for free!


Thanks for the solution
But whenever I put my domain, it tells me that it is not allowed to add and I have to contact them

Do you know why?

Free domains are currently abused by random [CENSORED]. Use other options like Migadu, when their free plan is good for testing and unlimited use on first domain. Maybe check their pricing first.

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@AndreiJirohHaliliDev Thanks a lot
I thought that there won’t be a solution but you saved me

Thanks from heart.

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