I am a newbie pls help me with my bot :{

Sooo i got codes and stuff from my friend, they work on his bot he hosts on here too. Nos i try to host my discord bot but it doesnt does anything :confused:

@DetoxMC I can help you with your bot, do you have the token in an env file, and have all the required files?

Token in env file? Dont think so off

Well, do you have your token in general?

Ok i did put the token in there what i put in MADE WITH=

At the bottom of your starting file (index.js, app.js) etc. put bot.login(token)

Yea i created a discord.js file with that in it

What’s your discord user and tag? We might as well continue on there. Mine is Reverso#3604

@DetoxMC Did you get it to work? If not, I can help you. I had the same issuse.

I know this is 10months ago, but can you help me by any chance? I would be eternally grateful.

@roh-fai, what problem are you facing?