I Can't Find My File warning.json

onst Discord = require("discord.js");
const config = require("../config.json");
const prefix = config.prefix
const ms = require("ms")
const fs = require("fs")
let warns = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("./warning.json", "utf8"));

exports.run = async (client, message, args) => {
  if(!message.member.roles.some(r=>["Mods", "🌟Use Code Webdown🌟", "Head Admin"].includes(r.name)) )
      return message.reply("Sorry, you don't have permissions to use this!");

  if (message.mentions.members.size === 0)
    return message.reply("Please Mention A User To Warn");

  const wUser = message.mentions.users.first() || message.guild.member.get(args[0]); 
  if(!wUser) return message.reply("Could't Find The User")
  let reason = args.join(" ").slice(22);

  if(!warns[wUser.id]) warns[wUser.id] = {
    warns: 0


  fs.writeFile("./warning.json", JSON.stringify(warns), (err) => {
    if (err) console.log(err)

  let warnembed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
  .addField("Warned User", wUser.user)
  .addField("Warned In", message.channel)
  .addField("Number of Warning", warns[wUser.id].warns)
  .addField("Reason", reason)

  let Warnchannel = client.channels.get("628469536009617433")
  if(!Warnchannel) return message.reply("Cold't find channel")



In This Code i Have Used ./warning.json File This Code Is Working Fine But i Cant Able To Find The File “warning.json” First I Created That But It not Storring The data Then i delet it and recreated it But It was Storring Some were Else That I cant see!
Plz Help Me

Please check if you are able to find the file when you run ls using the console, @Webdown.



@TooAkshi I Cant Able to Find In THis
commands config.json events node_modules package.json server.js shrinkwrap.yaml watch.json

Have you checked in subdirectories? Also, have you tried refresh command?