I can't php page access

Hello, I have a php page in my website hosted by glitch but when I click on the redirection, I download the php page.
Can you help me ?
P-S : I’m french so if you speak this language, it’s more simple for me.

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Bonjour @Merlode11 ,

J’utilise Google Translate pour écrire ceci.

Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît nous dire le nom de votre projet Glitch où vous avez créé la page php?


I am using Google Translate to write this.

Can you please tell us the name of your Glitch project where you created the php page?

Yes it is here : https://present-clement.glitch.me/calculs.php

Thanks for that information @Merlode11!

I would suggest trying the steps provided here.

Let us know if that helps!

It didn’t work for me!

Bummer @khalby786! Do you have any other suggestions that may work?

Did it work for you @Merlode11?

No, @tasha. I don’t know much about php. I was just trying to implement some php code in my project, when I got the same thing as @Merlode11!

Yes, it don’t work !

@Merlode11, merci pour la mise à jour. Je suis désolé que cela n’ait pas fonctionné.

Bien que php soit disponible pour fonctionner sur Glitch, il n’est pas officiellement pris en charge. Certains membres de notre communauté ont pu faire fonctionner php sur Glitch, mais cela peut demander plus de travail.

Si vous rendez votre projet public, des membres expérimentés de la communauté peuvent jeter un coup d’œil et voir s’ils peuvent vous aider. Si vous décidez de rendre public votre projet, faites-le nous savoir!

Thanks for the update. I’m sorry it didn’t help.

While php is available to run on Glitch, it isn’t officially supported. Some members of our community have been able to get php to run on Glitch, but it may take more work.

If you set your project to public, experienced members of the community can take a look and see if they can help you. If you decide to set your project to public, let us know!

i know a ton about php, i could help…

but most likely i would need a project link if you cannot access the php page

note: i was able to get all of php working on glitch

Ok, there is the project link : https://glitch.com/edit/#!/present-clement?path=calculs.php:12:39

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requesting to join…

if you do not see me on, refresh the page

I think what you want is to add a package.json and a server.js, something like this:

Hope this helps,


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hey, can you auto add me to the project, i already see the issues… i can fix them , but merlode hasnt accepted my join request

I accept the join request. You can edit now

fixed, …

Hey @J-Tech-Foundation,

How did you fix the issue? What was it?


there was not php web server script

@J-Tech-Foundation, can you be more specific?