I don't even know what I did

I did something weird in my package.json and now the code looks all weird. the name of project is youtube-v3-api or something like that. It shows me all files in project

It looks to me like the problem is that you don’t have a package.json at the root. Therefore Glitch thinks your project is a plain html website, and since it can’t find a file called index.html at the root level it just renders the directory listing.

I’d suggest using Rewind (by clicking the arrow button to the left of the Logs button) to figure out what your package.json was and put it back; that should get you up and running again.

Good luck!

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Oh that makes sense. I was going to add the module to npm, so i moved the package.json to the src directory. Thanks. Also, if I make a website using the hello-webpage and then add a package.json, will it become a regular node website?

That’s more or less true, yes. If there’s a package.json file in place Glitch will process it and execute the contents of its prestart and start scripts in that order.