Glitch project stop working

I have a glitch project and today I noticed that it was down. Firstly, I checked the glitch status and everything was fine and then I checked the project and, again, everything fine, so I waited a few hours and I got a error in the project. And I apparently have a have a module missing despite being listed in the package.json file and it gives me permission error when I run npm run or npm install serve. Is this a problem related to the module or is an internal error?

EDIT: I already tried using pnpm instead of npm and I get the same result.

I still have this issue, anyone knows how do I contact the staff members?

Try accessing node_modules by writing cd node_modules in the console then try to install the package you need

Hi thanks for replying. I already tried that and it gives me a permission error no matter how I try to install the package.

Hey @CodingEngineer we’ll need to know your project name before we can take a look; if you provide that we can see what’s up and hopefully provide some guidance.

The project is private I will send you a PM.

Ok, I took a look at your project, and what I think may be happening. Your project is configured to use pnpm as its package manager and I think when you run npm install serve you’re running into a collision between using pnpm and npm on the same project.

I executed enable-pnpm in your project’s console and that forced a new installation of everything in your package.json file and everything seems to have aligned itself more successfully and you project appears to have started correctly.

If you’d prefer to use npm then you can run enable-npm and that will switch your project to npm, but keep in mind that that means your packages will take up disk space in your project.

Sorry for the bother!