I have some questions about Glitch

Hi, I noticed several things that I simply can’t find an answer to (all related to Glitch).

(1) Glitch seems to highlight this line of code as faulty, despite it being completely fine (checked it):
It says as an error: “index is not defined”. Although yes, I could write “let index of array” instead of “index of array”, that does not maky any difference.

(2) I can’t ask for help as it is described in this video on the official Glitch channel.
The Button simply does not show up.

(3) Although I disabled “refresh app on changes”, it still does it, forcing me to add this line at the top of my project while editing to keep it from doing so: “throw new Error(‘Dont load.’)”.
This is extremely annoying as I regularly forget to do it and therefore my Discord bot restarts over and over again, quickly killing my rate limits on the Discord API. (Seriously, after it restarted 100 times in 10 Minutes of Coding with the logs closed, Discord blocked the app for an hour…)

Hey @WeiiswurstDev,
Sorry to know that you’re having a hard time on Glitch.

(1) You can just ignore the error if it works fine. The Glitch editor is very strict in defining what it thinks are variables.

(2) For the ‘Ask for Help’ button to show up, you need to select the lines of code that you need help with. Only then the button will appear next to the selected lines.

(3) You can add watch.json to your project.

Hope that helps!