I made a P2P Chat App

Project URL: https://p2p-webchat.glitch.me/

It’s a 1 on 1 chat app that dosn’t require you to run a server, and it sends data over WebRTC instead of WebSockets. It has some slash commands. I also made a workaround so it can use Apple emojis with the Twemoji javascript.


/me Says you … something (ex. /me is tired)
/color Make a colorful bubble (ex. /color red; Hello!)
/button Make a button that sends a message when you click it (ex. /button Button Text; Text to send.)

Please give suggestions/feedback!


It looks really clean and well made!
I just have two pieces of feedback:

  1. Consider making the “onboarding” box in the center.
  2. Make an option to create a username. This will help users know who they are talking to!
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And maybe add some background, too!


I’ve been looking at how to slash commands forever

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I can’t seem to get hold of a code to join, it just holds…_

Please fix as it seems like a great project!

Hey all, checkout https://glitch.com/remote/ to see more ways on collaborating with other users in a project!


Yep, check it out!

Especially during these times


I made a discord clone in socket.io


Welcome server- https://glitchchord.glitch.me/channel/join/5e7201dba468d20099e05bb5

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Please try again, also for some reason creating a room is faster on firefox.

I tried on another device, works perfectly!

r u planning to make it open source

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Any recommendations for libraries to make WebRTC simpler, I think that’s the only thing I might add to Pomagranate in the next few days.

@javaarchive PeerJS is pretty nice and simple: https://peerjs.com/


makes open source zoom clone web app

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Awwww, shoot I don’t seem to be able to generate an invite code. I’m unable to develop any peer to peer apps either due to network issues.

Further anaylsis shows zoom can collect a lot of your data(ip, device name, microphone/camera type, …) and send it other people.

We really need an open source clone of zoom.

Hmm reminds me a lot of a certain short video sharing app :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


There’s something new right now, where an Indian-based telecommunications company named Jio made an exact same version of Zoom called JioMeet, the only difference being that the theme is a bit darker blue. And then, they released another app called JioChat, which looked like WhatsApp UI and Snapchat snaps put together.

yes, i agree. we need it

The closest thing to an open source version of Zoom is BigBlueButton.

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