I use a domain on my website but it only works for one html page not the others

Can someone tell me why I cant go to other pages with the same domain name not the glitch one

Hey @CAWafflez I’m not sure I get what you’re trying to do. Can you help me understand? Perhaps an example of the pages you can’t get to might be helpful.

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So i added a domain to my website on glitch, and I go on the domain the website is there but if i try to go to a sub page (e.g. website.com/example.html) it doesnt work. I can only go to the main index page

And you’re able to get to that page using the project.glitch.me/example.html address?

Care to share your project name some someone can take a closer look? The range of possible problems depends on how you’re handling those routes in your project; are you using Express, for example, or is this a static website project, or something else?

I fixed it its all fine now, thanks you

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