Images not loading

So basically I’ve uploaded an image called duck.webp into the assets folder and wanted to use it on my website so I wrote the following code <img src="/assets/duck.webp"/> now when I go to the page the image does not load and shows this image
when I check the link on inspect element it says “Could not load the image”

I am aware of the fact that I can just use the url it generates but I’d like to use it by the name, is there any way I can get it working?

Hi @StreetyYEET – I don’t think there’s a way to access things uploaded to assets like that. What assets does is load those images into a CDN – it isn’t a directory the way the other directories in a project are. If you google using wgets in the forum, I think you’ll find instructions for how to programmatically upload images into a directory in your project. That will probably be the closest to the syntax you’re describing (as I understand it).

Hey @StreetyYEET, Easier way of uploading? might be of interest to you here!