How do I upload an image file?


I’m creating a website using Glitch, and I was wondering if it was possible to upload an image file which I can then access with HTML. Otherwise, when I want to upload an image everyone can see no matter what browser they’re using, and the same with the Favicon.

As far as I’m concerned I need to upload the image to another website and copy the image URL from there. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Hey Crazykk1449,

You can upload an image for your website directly into your project without having to use another site:

  1. Open up your projects assets and drag an image from your desktop into it
  2. click the uploaded file to get the url
  3. use that url in your code

Thank you pketh! That’s really helpful :smile:


didn’t work work for me.

When you upload an image to assets, you will get a link that you can use. If you want to directly upload it to your site (like you will need to use code to upload it.

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Did you get an error when uploading?

how would you do that

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You can use wget from the command line using the uploaded asset’s URL to import it in to your project locally.

GitHub cloning. I did it once by accident.!/skola

how do you put it in the code? do u just copy the link and add that link and that’s it? or do u have to code it in. if u have to code it in what is the code?

i copy the link and add that link into the logo.png file. But the image won’t show up in that file.

Ya, it’s not supposed to.

go to the terminal and run this to see it

wget urlhere

how does it pop up? i do that and it won’t pop up on the screen

hit enter when your done with all the bash stuff.

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like it says the file is downloaded and it won’t pop up in the logo.png file

Yeah, rename the file so it doesn’t have a code at the end

like this

instead of 


type this


and refresh

can u do it for me, your making nonsense

Hi @techdude1610 ! it’s cool to ask for help, and we are so glad that you did! But we don’t recommend asking other users to do something for you.

If you need additional help beyond the forum, you can always contact Glitch Support. You also might want to review this article about the best ways to get help when you are stuck.


Can you show us a screenshot of the file tree?

like the image i wanna add to logo.png or a photo of logo.png with nothing