Is dont reply the embed message

Hello. Please help me is dont reply the embed message

client.on("message", message => {
  if (message.content === "/botinfo") {
    let embed = new Discord.RichEmbed()

Btw Is dont give me a error in logs

Hey there!

The code is not sufficient for anyone to identify what the obstacle is, the code appears to be fine.
Please send more snippets or invite me to the application so I can take a look at the issue.

Happy Glitching!


Please help me here is my project

Hey if you have discord give me your discord to help me

Hey @ControlCit1,

Since you asked, here’s a permanent link to our Discord server: Click Here!

Errr…@chroventer do you know that the Discord invite is public and anyone can join unless you meant it?

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I do not mind, since it is a public server. Thanks for the concern though.

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I entered…