Is it possible to stop certain files from being deleted after importing from Github?

Just wondering, would make certain things easier.

@brazzmo can you describe what you’re looking for in more detail, i.e. what type of files and how they’re deleted?

For example, sqlite files are deleted when importing from Github, pretty much deleting the database and making me restart from scratch, it’s not too big of a deal currently, but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to save the file from being deleted.

Oh interesting. Yeah I wonder what the rule is for that. It sounds like it’s probably associated with the Glitch practice of not recreating .env files and .data directory files when a project is remixed. I assume that Glitch is just parsing directory and filenames and rejecting some of them based on a filter – if that were the case, renaming the files before transferring them might save them?

do you have a gitignore file?

Hey @brazzmo when using the built-in Glitch Import from GitHub we overwrite the entire project directory by design. We are planning a lot of work around how Glitch works with external source code providers and the overall git experience in the Editor, so how this works in the coming months will probably change, but for now there’s no way to control that using the built-in tools.

If you’re comfortable with git on the command line, though, you can use native git commands directly in your project’s console. In this case you could clone a branch from the console and then cherry-pick then files you want to checkout to get the result you desire.

Hope this helps!