Is it possible to use my own server but Glitch's website?

In the past I had a nodejs project on Glitch but I’m thinking of using my own server instead but using a static Glitch website. Is this possible? How would this be done?

Edit: to clarify, i need to connect a Glitch static website to a server IP and im not sure if that’s possible.

Hello, if you mean sending requests to your own server, you can use something like this:

const response = await (await fetch("<my_server_ip>/<my_path>")).text()

If you want realtime, look into SSE/Websocket

I don’t think you can do this with static, however, you can use your own server instead of what Glitch offers by making it a reverse proxy server.

If you meant like just API access, then you can make requests from the client to your server IP.