Is there a qualification requirement for The Gallery?



I was wondering if there is a qualification that I need to meet, such as how much stuff needs to be in a project before I can show it in The Gallery section?


Hey @King-Knight-Mare, not at all! That’s one place for the Glitch community to show off the cool stuff they’ve built so other folks can enjoy and benefit from it. If you’ve done something interesting please share!


Cori, I have a completely unrelated question, but if I wanted to animated an element moving upwards because the element above it disappeared, rather than it just teleporting there, how would I do it?(An html element)

<div></div> <!--(Disappears)-->

How would I make the bottom div gradually move up over the course of lets say a second?


Hey @King-Knight-Mare I’m afraid that’s out of my quick experience level on the CSS end of things, but a topic in might find someone who can help!


Oh, ok. Thanks for your help with this topic, though!