Is there a way to run two Bots in one project?

I want to run two bots in one project that can work with the same DATABASE if thats possible. Is there any way?

Hey @Min, my understanding of bots leads me to believe that if you created two bot clients in your code using different tokens and each connecting to the appropriate event listeners to receive and respond to the various events, you could have both run in the same project.

Discord bots often encounter resource constraints, especially when connected to a lot of servers / channels, and I imagine running two in the same project might create even worse problems. You might be better served by putting your database somewhere shared like MongoDB and granting multiple projects access to it.

Aside from those comments, I’ll let the experts in the community provide better advice!

This is definitively possible, I have atleast 5 bots in 1 project! But you have to make sure to not use client for each one, and give them a name like, client1, client2, and so on, to seperate them from the main discord client

I have be trying the same thing.
And it just wouldn’t work.
Did you manage to make it ? @Callum-OKane
Btw we are learning about Ireland. :nerd_face:

What prevented you from making it work?

I don’t know i have be crying and asking for help here. :joy:

Well I just offered you help.

Help, :grin:

It’s possible
and I have a code that let you run unlimited bots on your project, but there is Space Disk, and it will be full
so 2 may make a problem but not that much if you run in small servers
and my code doesn’t require you to have client1 and client2 (duplicate)
If you need it, just mention me here

Bruh i want it to loop from it self not adding client1 client2 client3 client5 client6 client6 client1 … client1000. The code well be to long.
And i well not host it on glitch when i have it done and working.
I have my own vps. :grin:
Hope some one else can help

I found.