Keyboard shortcuts

Hey guys,

One thing that would be awesome is that while it’s awesome to be able to close the sidebar to make things full-screen, it’s utility is largely useless due to the inability to cycle through files using a keyboard shortcut. With a keyboard shortcut, then someone (me) can keep the sidebar closed anywhere between 60-80% of the time resulting in productivity gains and just that simple feeling of convenience we get when things run smoothly.

I hope this feature comes out soon as I have no doubt it’s already being considered and built into the roadmap.

FYI. Plunker has this feature and while their UI is blah, this feature has kept me relatively loyal for a while now.


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You can use the keyboard shortcut ‘⌘–P’ to open up the project search menu, and then typing the start of the file name brings it up. You can select it by using the arrow keys and enter. The editor will then automatically switch to that file. The project search remembers recent searches, so once you’ve searched for a few files you can quickly switch between them just by using ‘⌘–P’, the arrow keys and enter.


I would love it if ‘⌘-S’ would refresh the live version of the project when Autosave is disabled.


@JoshuaMorris cool idea! i’ll look into it when I can

@misterhtmlcss you can already expand and collapse the sidebar with ⌘–I

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