LinkedIn Glitch Profile Sharing


Currently, LinkedIn sharing of Glitch profiles doesn’t seem to show the Glitch logo (or any other image) and shows up with a broken image instead. This was tested using my Glitch profile.

The LinkedIn post inspector doesn’t seem to see the og:image tag properly, but it does show up when inspecting the page. On deeper look the Facebook debugger seems to point to the use of ‘name’ instead of ‘property’ for the meta tags.

Tag specified as ‘name’ instead of ‘property’

The following meta tags are specified using ‘name’ instead of ‘property’ and will be ignored unless specified using the ‘property’ key: og:type, og:url, og:title, og:description, og:image

It’d be awesome to get this fixed for using Glitch as a portfolio as well as a learning/creative tool. I’d be open to peaking into it as a PR if this is part of the community site, but will give it another look in the next few days. Thanks!


Thanks for reporting this. It’s curious, as both seem to be valid. But I’ve added a card and I hope we’ll have a fix for it soon.

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This has now been resolved! Thanks again for reporting.