Literally Bot Suffering

Hi! I’m trying to make a podcast bot for me and my friends using a given template, and I’m relatively new to code, so I can’t exactly spot issues.
The bot refuses to play audio, it joins voice chats when using the !play and !podcast commands, but will have no audio. When using the !play-yt command, it will leave without warning, or join and then immediately leave.

I also want to attach RSS, but I’m not sure where to put it in the console.

Sorry if I sound like an underqualified newbie, it’s because I am, I just want to share my favourite podcast with my friends, even if it isn’t on youtube.

Edit: I’ve boosted the project as well, if that makes a difference!
Edit 2: HE’S ALIVE! I’ve gotten him to speak using the jon!play command and using enclosed links, but I would like to get him fully working.

Anything in the logs?

Aside from errors regarding a call that didn’t exist anymore, which I fixed;

Initializing Botkit v0.6.21

5:37 PM

info: ** No persistent storage method specified! Data may be lost when process shuts down.

5:37 PM

:sun_with_face::office: Your app is listening on port 3000

5:37 PM

info: Logged in as Statement Begins. / Hound. - 830172974396211265

5:37 PM

5:37 PM

18 minutes ago

(Podcast enclosed link)

5:37 PM

(Podcast enclosed link)

Weird, can you try this locally and see if you get the same effect?

Locally? How would I do that? Sorry hahaha

What is your OS?

Windows 10, if that’s what you’re asking!

You will want to download NodeJS:

Then, open an command prompt and run the following (replacing the github link with your github repo and repo with the name of your repo):

cd downloads && git clone && cd repo && npm i && node .

You may want to create a new bot on discord just for testing and so the two do not conflict.

Alright. I’ll hopefully get that done today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for the help, and I’ll probably either make a new post or just reply if I hit a wall and google isn’t helping.