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Hi Glitch (ers?),

First Thanks a lot for this awesome perfect extravagant crazy splendid and everything beyond tool :smiley:

I am using Glitch for introduction to Code for non developers (management, HR, etc…)
I am using a nodejs project, and use the has a tutorial with explanations, exercises, solutions.

For the solutions, I embed them in :

  <summary>show answer</summary>
  solution goes here...


But it doesn’t render has it should…
like here (it’s working perfectly in the forum !!!) :

show answer
console.log("Perfect Answer");

is there a secret trick ?
It would be very very nice to have that in the markdown rendering of the projects :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

Nicolas SAVOIS !


When you say it doesn’t render correctly, do you mean in the browser, or in the editor?


it doesnt render in the Markdown View (it’s ok the markdown editor)


here is a link to what it does in glitch and what it should do (in github)