[MEGATHREAD] Project Uptime For Glitch Projects!

Hey everyone,

If you haven’t noticed, Glitch has released uptime limits for projects per user. According to the Glitch Help Center,

To make Glitch accessible for everyone:

  • Apps created on Glitch are given an allowance of Project Hours.
  • Project Hours are spent when:
    • The project is being actively edited.
    • Someone accesses the user-facing side of a Glitch project that is not a static site
  • Every registered user gets 1,000 free Project Hours each month. Project hours are replenished on the first day of each month. Unused Project Hours cannot be rolled over.
  • Anonymous users get 120 free Project Hours. To get additional hours, the anonymous user will need to register an account or transfer project ownership to an existing Glitch account
  • The Project Hours limit does not apply to Boosted Apps. If you are a Glitch Member https://glitch.com/pricing the monthly allowance of 1,000 Project Hours will be applied to any non-Boosted apps that you own.
  • Click here to learn more about Project Hours, and how to manage them!

Another new thing related to this new change is this:

The hello-webpage template gets you started with a basic static website with an index.html page and static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Just type and your work will be live on the internet! Static websites enjoy unlimited uptime too! This means that your app stays on 24/7 without using up your allowance of Project Hours.

Which means hello-webpage websites are online 24/7.



And if you take a look at your dashboard, you can see how many hours you have left:


I don’t think this might create a lot of problems, because even if you edit for 24 hours for 30 days, it’s still only equal to 720 hours. Plus, 280 hours extra.


Yay! I like this idea

so this does mean we can have our bot uptime 24/7 again? :open_mouth:

2474 > 1000, I guess you can have a fourth of the 24 bot uptime
this reminds me of github but for boosted members can’t you just unboost a project and boost the project you are working on to get rid of the restriction and then repeat whenever you want to work on a project

Actually, Glitch Projects that are not static apps will still sleep after 5 minutes. That being said, static apps are online 24/7.

so no? no 24/7 uptime for our bots ever again? :frowning_face:

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Long story short: no.

not everything can be made free without money problems sadly
Also “non-Boosted apps that you own.”, does that mean I’ll lose hours editing a friends boosted project? Oh nvm Jenn clarified below

Also fun idea, why not get extra hours on your birthday or cakeday!


Hi! Using pinging is still against the TOS, but you can keep your bots awake by boosting them.


i use vps hosting now :unamused: and it takes ages to update the bots code, but with glitch it updated instantly :confused:

Hi @javaarchive, the way to think about it is that they are project hours, not user hours - so you won’t lose anything by editing another user’s Boosted project.


It’d be cool if glitch projects could be a virtual filesystem mounted onto your computer so each folder is a project at the toplevel and we can edit them without turning on the project then press a sync button to update the files to save hours

@jenn, I still have one last thing to clarify. If a user views the project live app, will that be counted as project hours?

  • Someone accesses the user-facing side of a Glitch project that is not a static site

Is the user-facing side the live app? ^^^

I really hope glitch adds the discord bot pinging services back soon once its a big known company, as it was my life saver at coding bots

Hi @khalby786! Yes, when someone views a project you own, the container is awake and that time awake counts towards your Project Hours.


we’d have to hope that no one leaves the project open or leaves something like a chat app open in the tab otherwise it might use up a of project hours. Maybe we can shutdown the project if no keystrokes are performed within 15mins because I sometimes leave glitch projects open in a tab.

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:grimacing: :fearful: :crying_cat_face:

What happens when we reach the limit.

Can users still access the site ?

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