Minor poke at something

…While creating a new project, the README.md generated says glitch is still in beta, when it is not

I cannot find the file in the source, so that is why I am posting here.


Thanks for the report. Whereabouts are you creating the new project and which of the new project options are you selecting? I can’t see any which still say we’re in beta.

In the auto-generated README.md

Yes, I gathered that - I meant where in the editor or on the glitch.com site are you creating the new project and which of the app options are you selecting. The point being, all of the 3 standard options don’t have beta in the readme, so it looks like there’s an old project lurking somewhere. Thanks!

Oh, while making a new project from the editor, I have no clue how to explain it…

The README.md previously had a message about it being in beta, but it was removed a while ago. Could it be that you are remixing rather than creating a new project?

Remixing a project will make a copy of the remixed project, whereas creating a new project, via the New Project button, it should create a new project (which shouldn’t contain any messages about being in beta).

I found it, it’s the new-project project, which I assume is official?

Try selecting ‘new project’ from the top-left project info menu in the editor rather than remixing an old project.

Yep, there we go! Sorry for not noticing that, I’m dumb lol.