Module Not Found

Hi @Sahil39!
Welcome to the Glitch Community! We’re happy you’re here!
Can you send us over some code and some more explanation of what you are trying to do, what should happen and what is happening so we can further assist you?

That’d be great!

You haven’t given enough information about your problem, but I’ll list a couple causes to the “Cannot find module”…

  1. Do you have the module installed? If you don’t, install it by going into the package.json file, then click on “Add Package” and search for the module.
  2. Glitch has had some problems laterly which cause modules to not be recognized, it’s happened to me with discord.js. I myself haven’t found a consistent fix to this (you can try searching for one) but you can try uninstalling the module (remove the module from the dependencies in the package.json file) then installing it again.
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