Multiple Projects lost

I’m a computer Tech at a School and we’ve replaced multiple computers in a classroom (~20) and students are unable to get their work on most of them, some are fine and load up their projects but others show as never having had any projects and not having deleted projects either.

Is there a way from them to get their work back as they’ve lost 3 lessons worth of work?

Projects can be picked up by Glitch staff if they have been deleted. But try to see if the deleted projects are found here

You can find this on the profile page of the account with the deleted projects.

you can contact @glitch_support because they may have a backup

Hi @Chantryjj,

It sounds like the students who are unable to access their projects are either not logged into their registered Glitch accounts, or they created the projects anonymously (without creating an account).

If they created the projects anonymously, they will not be able to regain full access to the projects. However, they should be able to recover them if:

  • The project was not set to “private”
  • They know the project name
  • They search/find the project, and then remix a new copy.

Projects do not show up in deleted on any of the accounts, its just as if they were never created however all the students created the projects using their school email address and have used this from the beginning so I’m not sure how they’ve been lost.

I see that you have sent us a private message. I’ll follow up with you there.