Project Lost, Please Help


I was working on a project I believed is called “blm-activist-website” and I left for a few hours and when I came back a lot of my work was deleted. When I rewinded, it took me back to older models of when I had first started the project. Is there any way that you guys can get my completed website back to me? It is due tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Can someone help me?

Hello! I’m wondering if the editor may have gotten out of sync with your changes. To check that I would recommend opening the terminal at Tools > Terminal, typing “refresh”, and pressed enter/return. Then try the “rewind” tool again: see if when you horizontal scroll, you can find a version of your project that matches your latest version. Best of luck!

I recommend that you contact and ask them to retrieve a backup of your website. Until then, avoid editing.


I didn’t think of typing refresh in the terminal, but hey, its worth a shot.

Hi were you able to retrieve your project? Same thing happened to me.

Hey @Niacodes23,

You can email Glitch Support at and you can request your project to be restored to the last backup, refrain from editing your project any further as it could overwrite the existing backups of your project.

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Hi. Thank you , I just emailed them. Are you familiar with their response time?

Did you get an automated reply from them? It has their response time in the automated response email.

Yes I did, Thank you!


You’re welcome :blush: