My discord bot is stuck on loading screen

When I tried today to enter the project, it get stuck on the loading screen. I delete the cookies, the cache and used mozilla instead of chrome, but none worked. That only happened on that project, the other bots are working without any issue. I can’t remix or anything else. The project is called quantum-eliza, and it’s on private mode.

Is your port set to 3000?

I am having the same issue.

Project name: marcos
Also, project app is stuck on Waking Up Loop

I think that’s not why it is stuck. But yes, is on port 3000.

I’ll notify @support_staff!

Well, my project started working again. Do your problem have resolved already?

Nope, still stuck in Waiting loop

Still issue is there

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Okay thought it was just me my project is doing the same constant blank screen doesn’t load assets, figure it must be traffic with everyone stuck at home :confused:

I’m still trying to figure out why my discord screen is still on loading. Like I’ve refreshed it so many times but it still doesn’t work.