My disk space keeps filling up

Hello, i dont know what has been going on with my project lately, but every 3 days or so the disk space fills up and the project freezes. So every 3 or so days i need to use a solution someone gave me in one of my previous threads to clear the disk space and make the project run again.
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Would you like giving me how many files, lines, packages you have in your project?

where do I view all that information?

On the left side of your code
Just give the number of files you host
and how many packages you have in packages.json

I have 2 folders, 42 files(including .env), 28 packages(i have a few i dont think i even need)

My project is a Discord bot

Hey @depressed_chip I’m guessing you’re referring to the solution offered in Disk space is full, project is stuck. If so, that’s an unfortunate piece of advice - it resolves the immediate problem, but as you determined if you don’t solve the root cause the problem wil just come back.

To resolve the issue in a more permanent way, please follow the steps outlined in Glitch full disk error.


will do. thanks for the advice

Sorry if i am not understanding but i do not follow english very well and the translation doesn’t seem to help either.
Do i have to create a file in a folder called git and then inside that make a file git/info/exlude.gitignore and inside that add a line to ignore that specific file (for example database.sqlite which is in the same dir as my server.js file)
Is that correct?
If so i haven’t understood how to add that line to ignore the file

Sorry about that @depressed_chip, it is a little magical.

What you need to do is to create a file called .gitignore at the “root” of your project’s file tree - in the same place that package.json is located. In that file you would put the “full name” (including the path to the file) of the file(s) that are causing your repo to grow out of control - whichever ones are being changed frequently. You can use the git log --stat command in your project’s console to help figure out what files those are.

If that’s still hard to follow let us know and someone can take a look and get you started.

Hello, sorry for the late reply.
I created a file called .gitignore in the same directory as my package.json and iside it i put this:
Is this correct?
Those files are the databases and files wich have have many + when running git log --stat

Update: i runned the rest of what the “Disk space is full” thread and those files have vanished (so i removed the two commands from the list of files to ignore.) I suppose that is how to work out ?
I’ll let you know if this error persists in the future! :smiley: Thanks for the help!

Hey, just wanted to give a little bit of an update.
Ive been working with the DB all day and the disk space seems to be fine.
I think its safe to say the problem has been solved. Thanks a lot for the help :smile: D

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